Best Hosting Services to Test Your Code [Guest Post]

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Once your web application or code is ready, your next step should be giving it a quick test. However, you need a good web host for the same.

For the newest businesses and developers finding a reliable hosting option can be challenging and time consuming. With literally thousands of services out there, it is easy to get confused. This post helps to narrow it down for you.

So before you analyze your hosting options and find the right one as per your requirements, you should look at some ready-to-use hosting solutions. These web hosts can get your site up, and you can start testing your code immediately.

There are many web hosting providers which allows you to make a quick test for your code or application. Some of the popular ones are below.

GitHub Pages

GitHub Pages can be a great solution whether you need hosting for your project or learning codes. It is free, easy-to-use and fast that offers an open-source version control system, also known as Git. This hosting platform allows you to store your project on Github and review the open-source projects of others.

You can use it to make constant changes to your code. It hosts your static site free-of-charge using a custom domain. To publish your site over GitHub Pages, you just need to make a git repository and create a branch named gh-pages. The one significant advantage of this platform is that your website is by default open-source.

In case you’re looking to create your private repository, you may do so by upgrading your account anytime. Or if you’re a student, checkout the GitHub Student Developer pack to get free private repository quota!

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Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is a popular cloud hosting platform across the globe, focuses solely on developers. You can use it for various kinds of testing purposes.

This platform has been getting popularity for high-performance virtual servers, user-friendliness, and attractive pricing. You can use it for just $5 per month.

Launched in 2011, Digital Ocean provides a high-speed network, i.e., 1Gbps. Moreover, its server has SSD drives that are more reliable and fast than previously used HDD.

If we look at its pricing vs. performance, it would not be wrong to say that this platform has a significant edge over its competitors.

ReClaim Hosting

ReClaim Hosting is primarily focused on providing accessible web hosting solution to educational institutes and educators. The platform was launched with the idea to help universities to run their web projects. The platform has an open-source LAMP platform.

ReClaim Hosting supports the industry standard C-panel management console.

Firebase Hosting

Like Digital Ocean, this platform also concentrates solely on developers. Firebase hosting is very user-friendly, you can quickly deploy anything you want such as a mobile app landing page, single page web app, etc.

Firebase Hosting is designed to provide production-level web content hosting; you can deploy static content to a global CDN (Content Delivery Network) effortlessly.

With Firebase Hosting, you can rest assured that you will get a secure connection, quick deployment, quick content delivery and single-click rollback to undo mistakes.

In case you require, you can synchronize the data of your application with their NoSQL cloud-hosted database.


InMotion is the US-based independent web hosting company offers an excellent hosting solution. Whether you need to test your newly built site or code, you can rely on InMotion.

The company was set up in 2001, and since then it is famous as affordable hosting solutions for millions of developers across the globe.

All the accounts on this platform are managed by temporary URLs which you can use to test your websites.

You can test-drive this platform for testing your codes and see whether the platform fits your requirements or not.

Amazon Web Services

For the reasons like great infrastructure, it has received a position on this list. Amazon Web Services offers reliable support for hosting at it uses AWS S3 service.

You can use it free-of-cost for a one year. Even after that, you just need to pay pennies in a month to work on this. If you have a small website, they will charge a minimal amount for testing your codes.

The platform comes with a handy tutorial guide which you can use to navigate its interface.

Wrapping Up

We have mentioned some of the popular hosting services for the quick testing purpose. However, the best web hosting for you depends on what kind of requirements you have. Hopefully, these platforms will help you to test your codes efficiently.

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