Gamecraft 2014

I recently took part in Gamecraft 2014, organised by NUS Games Development Group (GDG). My first so-called “hackathon” experience. Glad to have worked with great teammates, Alvian, Chris & Tio. Learnt a lot from one another.

In the given 24 hours and under the theme of “Contact”, we had to design and build a working game! This was a tough task, since we had to ideate within a short span of time and build a working prototype.

Nevertheless, some of my teammates had prior experience with platforms such as Gamemaker and Unity which allowed us to have a clear vision of how exactly are we going to execute our gameplan.

Below is the link to final copy of the 2D game, titled “ConTag”, which also won us the 2nd Prize in Gamecraft 2014!

Download ConTag