New Site Launch - Right From Basics

Happy New Year everyone! 🎉

A few weeks back, I launched my new site Right From Basics. I decided to start Right From Basics to share my knowledge with the world, mostly on technology and programming.

Funny, what is “Right From Basics”?

Right From Basics - as it speaks - covers things right from the basics and also in the right way, starting with the fundamentals. At the same time, I want content to be easily digestible by readers.

The first of my posts is the Golang track. This track covers one of the hottest server-side languages, Go, in detail. I have released about 6 (and counting…) bite-sized chapters now - so check it out soon.

This new year, I plan to develop this site even further. It will serve as a learning repository for all geeks and geeks-to-be.

To all my existing subscribers, now is a great time for you to subscribe to Right From Basics and get the latest content delivered right to your inbox!