Singing in the Shower

C’mon, I know you do!

Admit it! You have probably sung in the shower at least once or twice in your life. This so-called phenomenon is know as “Bathroom singing”. It is interesting why many of us love the shower time and particularly why we end up singing during those few minutes of lathering up and showering.

Intriguing as it sounds, I went to check out the scientific reasons behind this.

Showering makes us relaxed

Showering helps us relax ourselves. The calm sound of your shower running and the soothing flow of water against your skin helps you to relax yourself. When singing, we often take deep breaths to accomodate the “heavy” parts of the song. These deep breaths in turn help to increase our oxygen flow to the brain. That means further relaxation!

Extra dopamine

As we relax in the shower, the brain starts secreting the pleasure hormone called dopamine. Dopamine, in turn, helps us with even more creative rendering of songs. No wonder you sound so good!

Amazing acoustics

Showers are usually quite small and the surrounding four walls make a great room for the acoustics of singing. The reverbs and bounce of your voice off the walls makes singing all the better! These sound “effects” helps us hear ourselves and the intricacies of the song clearly, making it sound great at the same time.

Lone time = Extra Confidence

I bet many of you would have seen people who would shy away from singing in the public, yet morph into an Elvis Presley in their home showers. After a long day of work or study, showering is the probably the only time which allows us to have some “alone” time. And this great because you don’t have to shy away from anyone, you don’t have to worry about what others would think about your horrible singing. It gives you the time to be who you are and do what you like for that tiny bit of 5-10 minutes!

Bathrooms seem to have been built for singing. They are awesome avenues to express yourself without worrying about anything else and indeed a great way to bust stress. In fact, studies show that people who consistently sing in the shower benefit from many positive effects.

Keep singing! Who knows? - The next Ed Sheeran might be born out of the shower! 😂

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